Get Evaluated

Are you college sports material?

Send us your transcripts, highlights videos, physical attributes and performance stats. Our team of former college coaches, professional athletes, recruiting coordinators, videographers, and college admissions directors will evaluate your athletic ability and your academic performance.

We will provide you with a realistic idea of which colleges best fit you athletically and academically. We are committed to honest evaluations, and we don’t pull punches.

Once we have completed your evaluation, we will contact the programs best suited to your skills, and recommend you based on our evaluation. College coaches trust Web Star Recruits, and a recommendation from us can go a long way.

What Do We Offer

  • Recruiting Plan We can offer you a roadmap through the recruitment process.
  • Weekly Tasks to Complete Your checklist of activities that keep you on track
  • NCAA Eligibility Center Guidance Help navigating the NCAA eligibility guidelines, and assistance in making sure everything is done properly, including transcript evaluation for the Center.
  • Admissions Guidance We can provide you with insider information on the college admissions process.
  • Access our college coach database Our extensive database includes the contact information for college coaches in major national programs.
  • Financial Aid Guidance Professional advice and help with financial aid.
  • SAT / ACT Guidance Study help and recommendations for making the most of standardized tests.
  • Academic game plan We will help you put together a plan for improving your academic performance before you apply to colleges.
  • Find the right program Our process will match you with the right program for you – a program that benefits from your unique skills and talents.
  • Finding the right program
  • College Coaches Database*

With the help of our experts, you can increase your chances of being recruited for the best athletic program for your skills.