Get an Unbiased, Trusted Athletic Performance Evaluation

posted on: Sept. 20, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting athletic evaluation performance evaluation web star

College coaches choose athletes for their team based on seeing raw talent, athletic ability, body composition, and accomplishments. However, they can't possibly see every ...

Take a Broad Approach in College Considerations

posted on: Sept. 19, 2012, midnight | tags: web star college NCAA

Choosing the right fit for college is one of the biggest decisions a student athlete makes during his or her life.

Where you choose to ...

Becoming Eligible for NCAA Athletics

posted on: Sept. 6, 2012, midnight | tags: academics web star NCAA eligibility

If you plan on being a student athlete in college at either a Division I or Division II program, you must first be eligible with ...

The Truth About Recruiting Letters

posted on: Sept. 5, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting recruiting letters web star get recruited

The recruiting process in college begins with questionnaires and letters sent to recruits whose states and schools have been targeted as likely to produce good ...

Who We Are: Web Star is Focused on College Recruiting

posted on: Aug. 27, 2012, midnight | tags: web star student athlete scholarship

We get a lot of questions about who we are at Web Star. We are a team of former college coaches and athletes that take ...

Every College-Bound Athlete Needs a Recruiting Video

posted on: Aug. 27, 2012, midnight | tags: web star recruiting videos college recruiting

It is very important for athletes to have either a highlights, skills, or game video of themselves in their respective sports. It's even better ...

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