Creating Good First Impressions

posted on: Sept. 26, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting college coach interview

First impressions are very important. No matter the situation, others will remember the first thing they noticed about you. You want that first meeting to ...

Don't Rule Out NCAA Division III

posted on: Sept. 25, 2012, midnight | tags: NCAA Division III recruiting NCAA

When many high school athletes think about competing at the college level, their thoughts immediately turn to NCAA Division I and II programs. However, it ...

NCAA Isn't Your Only Option: Consider the NAIA

posted on: Sept. 21, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting NCAA student athlete NAIA

Most everyone is familiar with the NCAA and its three divisions and junior college division. Indeed, many assume that, for student athletes, NCAA programs are ...

Get an Unbiased, Trusted Athletic Performance Evaluation

posted on: Sept. 20, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting athletic evaluation performance evaluation web star

College coaches choose athletes for their team based on seeing raw talent, athletic ability, body composition, and accomplishments. However, they can't possibly see every ...

Get Recruited: Be Smart with Social Media

posted on: Sept. 7, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting

One of the most important things a high school student athlete must understand is that social media is a big part of recruiting these days ...

The Truth About Recruiting Letters

posted on: Sept. 5, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting recruiting letters web star get recruited

The recruiting process in college begins with questionnaires and letters sent to recruits whose states and schools have been targeted as likely to produce good ...

Juniors Can Start Receiving Letters on September 1st

posted on: Aug. 29, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting recruiting letters get recruited

Attention Juniors! You are allowed to start receiving letters from college coaches starting this Saturday, September 1st.  

It is imperative to understand the importance of ...

How College Recruiting Works

posted on: Aug. 28, 2012, midnight | tags: recruiting NCAA eligibility college recruiting

Many student athletes and their parents don't understand how early they need to start if they want a successful recruiting experience.

I spoke to ...

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