Know the NCAA Eliibility Rules, First!

posted on: Aug. 27, 2013, 11:12 a.m. | tags: Athletics Recruiting Eligibility NCAA WSR

If you plan on competing as a student-athlete at the collegiate level, you need to know and understand the initial NCAA eligibility rules. Waiting until your season is over, or even in your later years of high school, can cause issues in your opportunity to compete as a collegiate athlete at the NCAA Division 1 & 2 level.

Each year, the NCAA amends and changes the qualification rules for athletes to be eligible at the collegiate level. It's important to stay astute and understand these rules, prior to even looking at colleges. College coaches will have a difficult time recruiting you if they know your in jeopardy of not passing the NCAA Eligibility Center.

What you should you do? Start your recruiting process early. Web Star Recruits offers FREE digital NCAA Eligibility Worksheets (NCAA Eligibility Worksheets), that will let you know at at an early stage in your career where you stand, and what courses and grades you need in order to be eligible to compete at the level you aspire to.

Remember, "more opportunity will present itself to you through academics, rather than athletics."

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