When to Start Your College Recruiting Process

posted on: Aug. 20, 2013, 9:51 a.m. | tags: Athletics Recruiting Eligibility NCAA College Sports

Many parents and student-athletes have asked, "when should we begin the college recruiting process?"

To be frank, the college recruiting process starts the day you enter high school. The reason is because every class you take, and every grade you get count toward your initial NCAA eligibility. Another reason is to ensure that you are registered for the correct number of required classes each year. The NCAA has become more competitive on the initial requirements for student-athletes to be eligible. Aside from the NCAA, certain colleges will not accept a student athlete if they have a single 'C' or 'D' on their transcript.

Outside the academic realm, once the student-athlete has made the varsity line up, and is certain they want to be a collegiate athlete, this is an ideal time to begin your process. College coaches are offering student-athletes spots on their team at a younger age. It has become extremely competitive to make a college team if you plan on waiting until your last season or two.

Our group of former college coaches, athletes, professional athletes, and academic advisers give the same advice on a daily basis to our student-athletes and parents: Start early. Be proactive. Get results!