Knowing Your Level of Commitment

posted on: June 19, 2013, 10:17 a.m. | tags: Commitment Web Star Recruits NCAA Athletics

Knowing your level of commitment to your sport as you begin to look at college programs is very important. Understand what is expected from a student-athlete at each level is crucial before committing to a program. For example, at the NCAA Division 1 level, coaches expect their athletes to almost be “on call” for workouts. College coaches at this level can require their athletes to workout multiple times a day, depending on what part of the season it is.

Other divisions in college athletics, such as NCAA Division 3, have certain times and dates where the coach can schedule mandatory workouts. The rules in division 3 do not allow year round workouts, like that at the division 1 level.

Before committing, know the rules and requirements of what's expected from student-athletes at each level. You may find you have the talent to compete at the highest level, but may not want to live that particular lifestyle. Opportunity to compete in college exists at all levels. You must know your level of commitment prior to committing.