Crucial Mistakes Student-Athletes Make

posted on: Jan. 24, 2013, 8:47 a.m. | tags: Web Star Recruits Mistakes Limiting

Limiting the number of colleges and universities an athlete reaches out to can hinder their chance of finding the right fit. Having an open mind when deciding on where someone wants to become a student-athlete is a real benefit. Aside from choosing a career path, where one decides to attend school is one of the biggest choices of their life. Some of the mistakes student-athletes make when choosing schools include:

·  Limited Knowledge about schools they may qualify for

·  Not reaching out to enough schools and athletic programs

·  Committing to a school before visiting

·  Wasting time and money on application fees for schools an athlete may not be qualified for

·  Leaving their choice up to “chance”

·  Waiting for a coach to find them

·  Not having any safety schools

Make sure to avoid these mistakes when deciding on a school that you will spend the next 4 or 5 years at. 

Web Star Recruits takes a proactive approach during the recruiting process, which creates more opportunity. With the knowledge and recruiting expertise of our staff, we guide our student-athletes in the right direction based on their academics and athletics. This is turn creates the best fit.