Quiet Period vs. Dead Period

posted on: Jan. 16, 2013, 9:31 a.m. | tags: Dead Period Quiet Period Web Star Recruits NCAA

Many times during the college recruiting process, a college coach will become hard to reach, or completely unresponsive.  It has nothing to do with them losing interest in a particular student-athlete.  There are rules in which college coaches must follow, which are outlined on the NCAA Recruiting Calendar year.  The time when a college coach "loses contact" with their prospects is known as quiet and dead periods.

These periods limit the recruiting contact a college coach can have with a student-athlete.  During quiet periods, a coach has limited contact with a prospect, and is limited to campus contact only, such as unofficial or official visits.  During a dead period, a college coach can't make face-to-face contact, on and off campus in person evaluations, schedule either official or unofficial visits, or offer complimentary tickets to any kind of sporting event the school may be having.

Keep this in mind when you start your recruiting process, also know when your particular sport's "quiet and dead" period occur with the NCAA Recruiting Calendar.

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