The NCAA Division I Athlete

posted on: Nov. 19, 2012, 2:55 p.m. | tags: Lifestyle Web Star Recruits NCAA NCAA Division I

If you are serious about playing college sports as a NCAA Division I athlete, you must live the lifestyle of a Division I athlete. You can't slack off because you "don't feel like it." You need the discipline and self-motivation to live the lifestyle of a college athlete right now.

To succeed at the college level, you need an "all-in" attitude year round. Your NCAA Division I lifestyle should include: 

  • Workouts in the morning, and afternoon, six days a week. 
  • Film study to gauge your weaknesses, and learn from others' strengths. 
  • Keeping up with your school work so that you meet NCAA eligibility requirements. 
  • Ability to manage a full time schedule of school and athletics. 
  • Proper nutrition so that your body remains healthy.
  • Surrounding yourself with a goal-oriented support system that can encourage you to stay on track.

Being a NCAA Division I athlete is a full-time obligation, year round. Division I college coaches look for individuals who are able to maintain this type of lifestyle, and have success while doing so. Coaches want to know that they can depend on you to give your best, and retain eligibility throughout the season. 

Before you commit yourself, you need to know what is expected out of a Division I athlete. Do yourself a favor, and get a professional evaluation of your skills and academics. If you are not living the lifestyle now, but have aspirations of being a NCAA Division I student-athlete, begin making changes in your daily routine.  

"Discipline or Regret."