Strengthen Your Recruitment Chances with a Performance Evaluation

posted on: Nov. 13, 2012, 11:24 a.m. | tags: Web Star Recruits Athletic Performance Evaluation Recruiting

Before you contact schools and college coaches, you should give careful thought to which  schools you should be reaching out to. Not every school is the same, and you might find that some programs are better suited to your particular skills and strengths that others. There are many opportunities available for student athletes at the collegiate level. The key to finding the right fit for you is to concentrate on the schools that best match you academically and athletically. 

For the most part, academic standards at each school are black and white. The school’s academic standards can be relaxed a little bit for a student athlete if a coach is recruiting the athlete. Unfortunately for those students applying to the school without the help of a coach, academic requirements are much more set in stone. You must meet the academic standard set forth by the institution in these cases.

Knowing where your academic and athletic talents stand is vital if you want to convince a program to accept you. This is harder than it might appear at first glance, however. Because academics are more clear-cut than athletics, you probably have a good idea of where you stand academically. An athletic evaluation of your talent, on the other hand, can be distorted. Friends, coaches, and family members may not be able to provide you with an un-biased evaluation of your athletic ability.  

What you need is a third party evaluation to help you narrow down schools that you should be applying to -- and that you have a better chance at succeeding with. You do not want to waste precious time applying to schools that you don’t qualify for. A good performance evaluation can help guide you in a direction where you will have success contacting schools and coaches. A good athletic performance evaluation includes:

  • Athletic talent evaluation by those who are qualified to give a respected opinion, including college coaches, as well as former athletes (hopefully both collegiate and professional).
  • An unbiased, realistic, and no-holds-barred opinion about your talent.
  • Details explaining where your talent lies at the collegiate level, and why.
  • Advice and guidance regarding which schools you should be applying to.
  • Information on what college coaches expect.

If you are looking for honest feedback, an athletic performance evaluation can provide you with insights into your strengths and weaknesses -- and practical tips that can help you boost your performance and increase your chances of recruitment.