Applying to College: Academic Requirements

posted on: Oct. 25, 2012, 12:09 p.m. | tags: Athletics Web Star Recruits Applying to College


In addition to meeting the NCAA eligibility requirements to play sports at certain schools, each college or university has it's own academic requirements. As you go through the college application process, make sure you research each school's academic standards prior to applying. 

If you are being recruited by an athletic program, there is a chance that some of the academic standards can be relaxed. At the very least you might end up with a tutor to bring you up to scratch, or you might be placed on probation so that you have a chance to improve your grades so that you meet the appropriate academic standards.

If you aren't being actively recruited by the school, it's possible that you can attempt to walk on to join the team. If you're not being recruited by the school athletically, but you do plan to be a walk on and try out for the team, contact the coaching staff and let them know.  A coach, regardless of where you stand in the recruiting process, will let you know if you qualify academically for the school or not. A coach will let you know if you have a legitimate shot of getting into the school. 

Before you start applying, do your research. Check with the coaching staff, or poke around on the school's website. College applications come with fees, usually between $50 and $100 a piece. Each time you apply to a school, you pay the fee. Look into the school, and be realistic. If you won't qualify, don't apply. Instead, narrow down your choices to between two and four schools that you are reasonably certain you can be accepted into.