How Web Star Recruits Can Improve Your College Sports Chances

posted on: Oct. 17, 2012, 11:32 a.m. | tags: Web Star Recruits NCAA Recruiting Get Recruited


It's common for students and their parents to wonder whether it's worth it to work with a company like Web Star Recruits. Many ask the question: "Can't we just do this on our own?"  

The answer, of course, is yes, you can take the recruiting process into your own hands.  However, while it is possible to take care of these tasks on your own, it doesn't always work to your advantage. You might not have the contacts to be truly effective, or you might not know how to professionally edit a video

As a former college coach and athlete, I know what coaches are looking for, and I have valuable contacts. A company like Web Star Recruits can guide a student athlete through the college recruiting process.  

I'm not the only experienced former athlete on the team at Web Star. We are staffed with a number of former college athletes and college coaches. Our staff also includes former professional athletes. We know the ins and outs of college recruiting. We are very familiar with many coaches in the country. Having that relationship is an extremely important part of the recruiting process.  

We know who to contact at each school, and we'll contact various programs on behalf of student athletes. We'll contact more than 100 schools on behalf of your student athlete. It would be time-consuming and difficult for a parent or student to do this without the resources and tools we have. Additionally, it can distract a student from his or her other important pursuits. The student athlete needs to focus on competing at his or her best and on making sure his or her academic performance is up to scratch.  

College coaches are very busy individuals. They don't always look at every single email that they receive, or return every phone call that they get. Not every video you send will be looked at. When I was a coach, numerous highlights films just collected dust in the office, never watched. Your profile on Web Star Recruits has every thing a coach needs to determine if he or she is interested in you. 

Not only can you take advantage of our contacts, but we can also objectively evaluate your athletic performance. We give a realistic athletic/academic evaluation so that you aren't wasting time contacting the wrong schools and applying to schools that aren't realistic for your situation.  Our realistic third-party and unbiased evaluation can help you find the right fit for the student athlete -- academically and athletically. 

College coaches have the advantage in the recruiting process. The student athlete needs an expert in his or her corner during the entire process. High school coaches are definitely helpful, but they often lack the time and resources. Another really important reason that a student athlete needs the help of a company like Web Star Recruits is that the NCAA, NAIA, and JUCO eligibility rules keep changing. Did you know that the class of 2016 has different eligibility rules than those student athletes of previous classes? They have made the minimum standard more difficult to become a student athlete in college.


An aspiring athlete, regardless of talent, needs help from a company like Web Star Recruits. There are way too many factors that exist during the college recruiting process. Be proactive during the process, ask as many questions as possible, and educate yourself about the entire process.

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