Don't Rule Out NCAA Division III

posted on: Sept. 25, 2012, midnight | tags: NCAA Division III recruiting NCAA

When many high school athletes think about competing at the college level, their thoughts immediately turn to NCAA Division I and II programs. However, it's a bad idea to rule out NCAA Division III schools. NCAA Division III programs offer a variety of opportunities for student athletes that are looking to compete at the collegiate level.

Although it isn’t the so-called “big leagues,” Division III offers great competition -- and some of the best academic schools in the country. This division of the NCAA does not offer athletic financial aid, but many of the schools do put together some great packages that include grants, academic scholarships, and other sources of financial aid.  In some cases, the Division III schools offer better financial packages than some Division I and II schools.

On top of that, you might have opportunities to play at Division III schools that you wouldn't have elsewhere. Honestly evaluate your athletic performance, and realize that you might be a better fit for a Division III school. 

Be proactive about your college recruiting prospects, and keep an open mind when deciding on where to go to college. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish if you are willing to pursue other options.