Take a Broad Approach in College Considerations

posted on: Sept. 19, 2012, midnight | tags: web star college NCAA

Choosing the right fit for college is one of the biggest decisions a student athlete makes during his or her life.

Where you choose to go to school determines many things going forward, including your success at the institution and your future. You wouldn’t go out on one or two dates with someone and then decide to marry that person, would you?  Some people might, but a large majority of the population prefers to look for the right fit in a life partner.

This concept is parallel to selecting the right college for you. You don't want to just select any college. You want to think about which college has an environment in which you can thrive. Think about where you will have the richest experience, and which school is more likely to fit your personality and your needs. In order to give proper consideration to this process, you need to branch out a little in your search, including NCAA Division III schools, or thinking about the NAIA.

Limiting yourself to one or two schools hinders opportunities you might have had, but never knew about. As you work to get recruited, look at a variety of schools. You can get help from third parties as well. Companies like Web Star Recruits might contact more than 100 schools on your behalf in order to help you find the right fit, both academically and athletically.

Be proactive with your recruiting, and don’t leave it up to chance!